The Hood Technology Corporation is an engineering-oriented company headquartered in Hood River, Oregon, USA. The Hood Technology Corporation is specialized in stabilized camera turrets used principally on manned and unmanned aircraft, development and distribution of infrared imagers, launch catapults for unmanned aircraft, and monitoring of blade and rotor health within operating turbomachinery.

This group of family-owned companies includes:

  • The Hood Technology Corporation specializes in blade vibration & monitoring (BVM) within operating turbomachinery (e.g. gas turbines, turbochargers, steam turbines, compressors, etc).

  • With over 50,000 UAV launches achieved, Hood Tech Corp, Mechanical, Inc. may be the world's most-experienced provider of launch catapults for unmanned aircraft (UAVs.)

  • With over 800,000 flight hours of experience on our products, Hood Tech Corp, Vision Inc. may be the world’s most-experienced provider of stabilized imaging turrets for aircraft. Sierra Olympic Technologies, our sister company, sources and develops the appropriate imagers for our use.